Put down those tweezers

Put down those tweezers and wax now and you’ll be doing yourself and brows a favor. Don’t try to guess what hairs to take off and then be mad at your self for taking off too many in the wrong spot with tweezers or wax, or even worse accidentally scar yourself. Eliminate the unnecessary guess work and talk to a professional like Kara of Alluring Face Pdx. A licensed esthetician in Portland for over 9 years, known for exceptional brow threading. When you come into Alluring Face Pdx for a brow service expect to have a brow consultation so that you can get the best brows for you. Whether its just a brow clean up, reshaping or putting you on a grow back plan ( consultation is usually no more then 5 minutes at most )to guarantee your brows are as close to your brow dreams as possible. “ I think the problem with other shops isn’t that brow artists aren’t talented at their work but simply they don’t take the time to talk to and understand what each client wants and instead they do what’s easiest and most familiar to them but that’s not always what the client wants ( and what means a little hair to one person might be a lot of hair to another ).” -Kara. If you choose to go with threading for your brows (most common but waxing and tweezing are also a option) you will have more of the smaller Vellus hairs (aka baby hairs) removed than with any other method.
Do something for yourself and your brows and make a appointment today!

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