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Getting threading hair removal done at Alluring Face PDX in SW Portland, Oregon is an exhilarating experience! It’s quick, precise, and leaves your skin looking fabulous. Imagine walking out of the salon with perfectly shaped brows and smooth skin, ready to take on the world! The technique is all-natural, using just a cotton thread to remove unwanted hair, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Plus, threading is incredibly accurate, allowing for beautifully defined shapes. The best part? Results can last up to six weeks! Conveniently located, Alluring Face PDX offers the perfect spot for a flawless, confidence-boosting experience.

Beauty and the environment

I have now worked in the beauty industry for 14 years. I have seen a lot of beautiful work and many happy moments and now I realize more than ever a lot of waste. I’m now on a continuing mission to create and help the environment as much as any ...