“A HUGE PLUS i just found out about: I have been looking for eye-brow threading and I could not find a place in the city! Lo and behold, it was right under my nose. Kara does brow threading and shaping and did an excellent job on my brows today. They were lookin rough! She made sure to get my opinion first on how I wanted them. She checked-in with me periodically, handing me a mirror, to get them exactly how I wanted.”
–Katie L; Portland, OR

“OMG the threading at national beauty by Kara Thiringer is beyond! The schedule is flexible, there is full natural sunlight for the service, and Kara is professional, friendly, so sweet, and highly skilled. I’ve seen the eyelash extensions she does and can’t wait to try that too! Apparently that is one of her specialties. Absolutely fabulous!”
–Sandra S.; Portland, OR

“Beautiful establishment ! I’m a low-maintenance gal who doesn’t have a lot of experience at beauty salon type places, and everyone has made me feel very comfortable. I particularly want to give a shout out to Kara. Flexible, friendly, quick, skillful.”
–Jessica B.; Portland, OR

“If you are considering threading your eyebrows or trying this place for the first time…do it!! A year ago I was searching for a place to get my eyebrows threaded (very scared and worried first timer)!! They listened to all my concerns and what shape/thickness of brow I like. They put me at ease and talked me through the process; she would even stop periodically to show me what she was doing and if I was ok with it. Amazing!!! I have never had my brows look so perfect! After the initial shaping and threading, I go every 1-2 months for threading. Always leave very happy…”
Courtnie J.; Austin TX

“I’ve had my eyebrows threaded twice here. It’s pretty great. If you’re still waxing your brows, please try threading here. Threading is not only better for your skin (I have witnessed and experienced wax trama!), you also get a much better shape. And I do think that threaders believe more in a natural and full brow look.”
–Heather S.;Portland, OR

Is a amazing esthetician, she is very detailed in what she does and talented in her services…
I love her facials, she has a gentle touch and gives  a phenomenal massage…
Not to mention how fantastic she is at threading and she takes the time to explain the benefits of threading for
hair removal…
I love her passion for the industry and always listening to your concerns to skin, hair removal and eyelash services…
I highly recommend her!”
Rebecca M.; Gresham OR

” I have gotten my eyebrows threaded here and Kara does a great job! She is gentle and quick . Made me feel very
comfortable. I even had my lashes filled in and eyebrows tinted ! I will definitely go back and highly recommend her if you are in the downtown area.”
–Shannon C.;Portland OR

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