Beauty and the environment

I have now worked in the beauty industry for 14 years. I have seen a lot of beautiful work and many happy moments and now I realize more than ever a lot of waste. I’m now on a continuing mission to create and help the environment as much as any one individual can do. I used to think there was not much I could do, now I realize I was wrong and anything I can do is better than nothing. Here’s what I do at my shop. I use as little water as possible. I’m buying products with less or no plastic and the ones that are plastic I recycle. ( Not giving corporations money for there non environmentally friendly ways is an excellent incentive for them to change). I also try to shop local as much as possible which is also good for my community. I use 99% natural products that are eco friendly, sustainably made and still provide excellent results in all my facials and for sale, most made in Bend and Tigard Oregon. I do threading for hair removal for brows, face and neck. I use a type of cotton thread made just for hair removal that I buy from a shop in SE PDX. For waxing I usual a natural hard wax, no strips, which I also usually get in SE PDX. For my lashes and tinting I buy USA made products made as naturally as possible. Come on in and get glowing skin and beautiful brows, other threading, tinting and lashes and feel good that you can look amazing while being as environmentally friendly as possible! Yay beautiful face, environment and community!