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Threading Origins

Hair threading, an ancient and ingenious hair removal technique, was invented centuries ago in South Asia and the Middle East. This time-honored practice involves using a thin cotton thread, twisted and skillfully rolled over unwanted hair, plucking it out at the follicle level. The result? Perfectly shaped brows and smooth, hair-free skin without the need […]

Say Hello to Perfect Brows: Why Eyebrow Threading Is a Game Changer!

Introduction to Eyebrow Threading Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Ever wondered how some people have those perfectly shaped, Instagram-worthy brows? The secret might just be eyebrow threading—a hair removal technique that’s been around for centuries, hailing from the Middle East and South Asia. It’s taken the beauty world by storm, and for good reason. If you’re […]

Live your best brow life!

Give yourself the gift a great brows, you won’t regret it ! Getting your brows threaded doesn’t mean you have to have some fancy arch. A simple cleanup, getting all the scattered hairs near the brows is a simple way to more groomed. The results are subtle but effective. People will notice you look a […]


If you want to change up your brows tinting and or threading can do that. A little color can make them look thicker and threading can take extra hairs for a more groomed look. The whole process can take less then 30 min, and if you like the look they can be maintained by coming […]

Beauty and the environment

I have now worked in the beauty industry for 14 years. I have seen a lot of beautiful work and many happy moments and now I realize more than ever a lot of waste. I’m now on a continuing mission to create and help the environment as much as any one individual can do. I […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow !

Threading is a fast effective way to get rid of facial hair! With regular threading the hair can eventually be gone for good! It’s fast and easier on the skin than waxing or other methods. It doesn’t take long and also gives the skin a gentle exfoliation which helps products penetrate the skin better. Great […]