If you want to change up your brows tinting and or threading can do that. A little color can make them look thicker and threading can take extra hairs for a more groomed look. The whole process can take less then 30 min, and if you like the look they can be maintained by coming in for a appoint once every 2-6 weeks depending on your hair growth, schedule and budget. If you are not sure what you want you can easily find pics online or magazines to bring to your brow stylist. They can look at your brows and the pic and determine if the look is possible to do with your brows, just like a hairstyle for the hair on your head. Never had your brows down but know you want to change them? Start small, ask for a light clean up, having the stylist just taking away the most rogue hairs. If you want to add color and create the appearance of thickness start with a color not too much darker than the original. It’s always easier to take out more hairs or make the brows darker than to have to wait for the hair to grow back and out. When you get your brows done it is important to find someone you can communicate what you want the best you can. At Alluring Face PDX you will get a attentive stylist who will work with you to get the brows you want the best they can.