Live your best brow life!

Give yourself the gift a great brows, you won’t regret it ! Getting your brows threaded doesn’t mean you have to have some fancy arch. A simple cleanup, getting all the scattered hairs near the brows is a simple way to more groomed. The results are subtle but effective. People will notice you look a little different but won’t necessarily know what’s different. Threading the brows doesn’t take long, it won’t irritate the skin, and it’s good for the environment. It takes 2-6 weeks for the hairs to grow back depending on how fast the hair grows. If you get it done enough on a regular basis the hair will stop growing back because every time you get threaded the hair is removed from the root, remove it enough times and the hair gets the message it’s unwanted, yahoo! Get threaded already so you and your brows can live their best life! If you are in Portland Oregon check out Alluring Face PDX for all your threading needs!